Lexington Team Game Data V4.2

Games to useData to displayDate range
Open Rankings Start month: Start year:
8 is enough Player number: End month: End year:
499 Games for rank:
Player selection criteria:
For a player to be listed: Minimum avg VPs: Minimum games: Maximum MPs:
NOTE: Games that did not have 4 rounds of play have their VPs and games won adjusted to simulate a 4 round game
All results displayed are for 4 round games
Report problems/comments to samspade4409@gmail.com
Data to display Rankings button:
  Data for players are displayed ranked by average victory points per game. The data displayed:
    avg VP: average victory points won of the games played
     games column: number of games played
     avg mtchs wn column: average matches won of the games played
     avg MP column: average number of masterpoints won per game played
     %>=80 column:percent of games greater than or equal to 80 victory points
     highest VP column: highest victory points won of the games played
The rankings displayed can be selected by date range and selection criteria
Date range:
   Select the starting month/year, ending month/year for the player data to display
   The default is January of the current year, and the current month of the current year
Selection criteria:
   Minimum avg VPs: minimum average victory points won per game (default is 60)
   Minimum number of games played by the player (default will change, increasing during the calendar year)
   Maximum master points won by player (default is no limit)
These selection criteria can be changed before the Submit button is pressed
Data to display Player number button:
   Games data for all games for a player ACBL number within the date range
   Data displayed for player number option:
       game date
       victory points
       rank (= indicates tie for that ranking)
       number of teams
       number of games won
       master points won
Data to display Games for rank button:
   Games data for all games for the player with the supplied rank within the date range
   Data displayed for Games for rank are the same as player number option