Lexington 2020 Pairs Data V1.2

Games to useData to display
Open games By rank Limit player's masterpoints to less than:
Limited games By player number:
All pairs are listed with an average of 50% or greater
Pairs are listed starting with the highest percentage
Pairs must have played in at least 4 games to be listed
NOTE: Master point limit set:
Pairs listed when both players are below the master point limit BUT:
This feature was added in April after club games but before BBO games
Pair MP numbers are updated from MP data in the game results file
Pairs who have not played in a BBO game have 2000 MPs as their default
Once the pair plays in a BBO game their MP numbers are updated
All pair data for this player are listed regardless of percent, number of games
You can still use maximum masterpoint option by putting a maximum number in
percent column = average percent of the games played
games column = partnership number of games played
avg MP column = average number of masterpoints won per game played
>= 60% column = number of games over 60%
highest % column = highest percent of games played