Lexington Pairs Data V4.2

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Games to useData to displayDate range
Open Pairs Start month: Start year:
499er Player: End month: End year:
299er Games:
For a pair to be listed: Minimum percentage: Minimum games: Maximum MPs:
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Games to use:
Select the open (no MP limit) games, under 500, under 300, under 100, or under 1000 games
Data to display:
Pairs data (ranking of club pairs by average percentage)
Player data (all your pairs data displayed by your ACBL number)
Games data (all your games for a Pairs/Player rank number within the date range)
Pairs data:
Select the starting month/year, ending month/year for the pairs data to display
The default is January of the current year, and the current month of the current year
For the date range, and selection criteria, pairs data are displayed:
percent column: average percent of the games played
games column: partnership number of games played
avg MP column: average number of masterpoints won per game played
>= 60% column:number of games over 60%
highest % column: highest percent of the games played
Selection criteria:
Minimum average percentage (default is 50%)
Minimum number of games played by the pair (default will change, increasing during the calendar year)
Maximum master points won by either player (default is no limit)
These selection criteria can be changed before the Submit button is pressed
Player data:
For the date range and selection criteria, all pairs data for this player are listed
Games data:
Enter a rank number from the Pairs or Player listing, press submit,
a list of the pairs games are displayed (within the date range, but no selection criteria):
The date of the game, the percentage score, the overall placement